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El tiempo en Noia:

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The April 25 but are held several days of celebration.

Program: the big day is being developed in San Lazaro, during the day, there are sale of cattle, with show jumping, dressage, show horses and stalls selling clothing and accessories for livestock. It is also the traditional flea market, with the sale of products of the field. Coupled with this attraction of the fair is designed to accommodate the exhibition fair of agricultural machinery that convenes each year to a greater number of people. In the afternoon there is horse racing at Testal. And to complete the day of feast is organized parades, concerts bands of music, dance and Galician music, pumps of Palenque, attractions for children and adults, finishing off the day with the verbena of several orchestras in the Alameda.


Dates: from 20 to 26 August.

Within the regional festivities we emphasize the tradition of the procession of the day of San Roque is celebrated on the day 26. Lies with the organization in the Town Hall, from ancient times as a result of a promise was made to save the celebration to the Villa of the kidney of the plague in the Middle Ages and the beginning of the twentieth century, to rid it of the disease of the flu.


Takes place on the Sunday before the festival of the Virgen de los Dolores.

Is dessarrolla in place of the same name, in the southern zone of Noia which is reached by one of the bridges over the river Lock, therefore, there was a hospital dedicated to the holy and in which he was given assistance to the lepers. Currently it has a chapel, in the year 1768, which opens the day of the feast.


Second weekend of July.

It has been held since the year 1998. Born with the idea is to enhance the knowledge of the history and cultural heritage, as well as to publicize the local handicrafts and Galician. The fair is in the organization of a market that recreates the medieval atmosphere taking advantage of the streets, squares and buildings of the historic center. The fair is open all day from 11:00 to 12:00 hours of the night from Friday to Sunday and there were numerous groups of animation (acrobats, jugglers, street theater, jesters, etc. ) throughout the day.

index page ofHotel Noia

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