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Built in 1434 by Bishop Lope de Mendoza.

The facade is dividada in three uprights. In the ends can be seen towers sen finish and in the center a magnificent rose window. The door account with shields of Castile and Leon and the arms of the bishop. In the three archivolts emphasizes the interior, with Christ surrounded by twelve musicians. In the side, in two distinct sections, the figures of the twelve apostles.



Declared a historic-artistic monument National since 1973. It is located in a do cemitã©rio project that, second account of one of the numerous lenyendas noiesas, was built with earth brought from the Holy Land - Palestine - in galleons noyeses. It was built over an earlier building of the twelfth century and was consecrated in 1,327 by the archbishop of Berenguel Landoira.

Its spectacular facade looks like a rosette, that it is recommended that you observe from the interior at different hours of the day, by the light kit. The chapel is the altar plateresque and baroque style. In its exterior emphasizes the eardrum polychromatic of the main gate, with the Adoration two magicians, as well as the figure of the quoted Archbishop Berenguel of Landoira kneeling, to the left of the Virgin. What is most surprising is the enormous reservoir of headstones with guilds. At least 200 of these gravestones flank the walls of the church, of which the oldest are offices of the medieval guilds. The tombstones distinguish these recorded by the objects in them (from stonemasons to blacksmiths, passing by sailors with a anchor feature or chivalrous, represented by humanlike figures).In addition to the many tombstones in the cemetery also features elements such as the baldaquin called Christ oj Humilladoiro, consisting of four columns stony co a roof with a pyramid shape that covers a cruceiro of the XVI century. It should be noted the friezes of this curious baldachin, in which there is recorded the phases of the moon and a wounded animal fleeing from a hunter and dog.

index page ofHotel Noia

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